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Horizen Energy + Nutrients is an all-natural energy and wellness drink engineered to help you do more and feel better by multiplying your energy, focus, and mental clarity. Using a holistic approach to combating fatigue & brain fog, Horizen contains a blend of healthful ingredients proven to:

✅ Increase Energy

✅ Improve Focus

✅ Decrease Stress

✅ Maintain Hydration

✅ Boost Immunity

All of our products are crafted using 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Easy on the stomach. Long-lasting energy with no crashing or jitters. Proudly free of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols!

Made in the USA & Good Manufacturing Practices Certified.

Each delicious scoop is cheaper than canned energy alternatives and delivers healthful benefits you won’t find in a cup of coffee.



⚡️ 150mg Natural Caffeine (Green Tea Extract)

⚡️ B-Vitamins

🧘‍♀️ GABA

🧘‍♀️ Lemon Balm

🧘‍♀️ L-Theanine

Focus + Clarity:

🧠 Alpha-GPC

🧠 Choline

🧠 L-Citrulline

🧠 L-Tyrosine


💧 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

💧 Potassium 

💧 Magnesium 

💧 Calcium


🛡 L-Taurine 

🛡 Panax Ginseng Extract

🛡 Vitamin A

🛡 Vitamin E

Extra Zenefits:

🚫 Zero Calories

🚫 Zero Carbs

🚫 No Artificial Sweeteners

🚫 No Sugar Alcohols

✅ Sweetened with 100% Stevia

✅ Plant-Based Flavors and Colors

✅ Keto-Friendly

✅ Diabetes-Friendly

✅ Fasting-Friendly

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